Fui a los bosques porque quería vivir a conciencia, quería vivir a fondo y extraer todo el meollo a la vida, dejar de lado todo lo que no fuera la vida, para no descubrir, en el momento de la muerte, que no había vivido...

lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Words written in English,because I can't express in other language

Today I felt misunderstood by myself.Today I don't know what I am.It is not my day but I thought a long time.I didn't come to any conclusion.So I don't know.I try to think what I am.But...when I think about it I can't seem to be real.Friends etc...sorry for being a person with two faces and that's why so almost nobody knows me.Yes... I know what you're thinking ''I know you'' but isn't true.You think you know me.A few of people can understand me and I'm not complaining ... It's so difficult try to understand me... I don't understand me... I thought I understand me but recently I know i don't.
I don't know what I'll do.Consequences of being a person with two faces.One day you feel so happy and the next day you feel like a shit.One day you think one thing and the next day you think other thing,so.. You never know what you want and I never know what I am.Difficult problem now but I can live thus.No,I'm used to living like this.Sorry for the people I care.I can't change this.Without wanting I think things that I don't want to think but my other side thinks too.

Coments in english only,thanks.

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