Fui a los bosques porque quería vivir a conciencia, quería vivir a fondo y extraer todo el meollo a la vida, dejar de lado todo lo que no fuera la vida, para no descubrir, en el momento de la muerte, que no había vivido...

lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

For one of my best friends ever ,Yael!

Well... This is a post for u Yael,thnks for being a lovely person with me.I know.We had little problems and i'm sorry for being a stupid person with you sometimes.I want you know that I love u while we have sometimes problems but you were always when I needed and I want u know that you can tell me everything you want to tell.I love u while you are a pederast xDDDDD (hahha )
I hope you are the same -ALWAYS- because I don't want you change.I don't care how you are physically I LOVE YOU AND THIS DO NOT EVER CHANGE !
nothing else! Words can't replace feelings!(First sign I had to u :3 xDD)

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BlackYue dijo...

The pederast nooo X'DDDDD la motherfucking que gave birth to you >< xD
I will never change petardovsky, muchas thankyous.. esto le alegra la life a anyone..><
la photo is lovelyment lovely....(L)
I love you so much, seriously.
A lot of besos **