Fui a los bosques porque quería vivir a conciencia, quería vivir a fondo y extraer todo el meollo a la vida, dejar de lado todo lo que no fuera la vida, para no descubrir, en el momento de la muerte, que no había vivido...

lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

I am hungry but not the way they say.
I am thirsty in an unquenchable way.
I am lonely among my familiar crowd.
I'm happy and proud,
I am lost high above on a cloud.
I am safe from them all,
I can lose, I can fall.
I am top, and they are down below.

You want me to eat
But that's not the ting I need.
You want me to get fat
And you think that I am mad.
You stuff me up,
You make me sup.
I am not ill,
I want you to recognize my will.
But you make me sick,
I don't need your slimy care.

You never take me for what I really am,
For my notions you never give a damn.
All the time you know better what I need.
You scale me like meat,
Every ounce of fat is my defeat.
My despair is your success
But I'll win this psychic chess.
I am strong and I despise you.

I set up my scene,
I'm the starving super queen.
You wanted a crack
And all you got is a bag of bones.
I wreck myself,
I hate myself,
I have no skills,
I'm only the puppet of your drills
But I see the sun:
Every ounce lost is a victory won!

When I walk every step's a painful drag,
When I talk every word is a leaden bag
And I wonder:
What am I doing?
What am I winning?
What am I losing?
Stop it now!


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